Home Cinema Systems and Home Cinema Installation

Home cinema systems are all about recreating the thrill that you experience when you visit the cinema, but in your own home. With the right home cinema installation, that thrill can even be exceeded!

There are various different home cinema systems available and we work closely with you to ensure that the system is correct for you. Whether it is a home cinema system, multi-room installation and/or a dedicated home theatre room that you require, we can provide user friendly and future proof equipment and home cinema installation.

We will design a system to suit your budget or offer high end home cinema equipment to cater for your every need and more.

At Norman Hobbs, we are enthusiasts as well as being perfectionists and through years of experience, we are selective with the audio visual systems and cabling that we use. All of our home cinema systems are calibrated by our engineers using the latest installation techniques to ensure that you will get the best possible performance, every time.

With our own dedicated home cinema system installation team, not only can we supply, but also install the best av equipment including plasma screens, LCD displays and projectors, together with the most up-to-date audio and video electronics.

Our smart home technology also enables the user to not only control audio and visual, but also lighting, heating and security or CCTV systems for complete home automation.

Lighting is extremely important when creating your home cinema and there are several systems available. Good lighting will create focal points and enhance features as well as set the right mood, all at the touch of a button from a remote or wall panel. Control systems can be simple or sophisticated depending on your needs.

Curtains and blinds can also be operated electronically and be programmed to open and close with the start and finish of your viewing.

No home theatre would be complete without seating. There are various options available from motorised to single chairs, love seats and sofas, all depending on your budget and requirements.

We can also assist you with CCTV, entry systems, network cabling, satellite and aerial systems. We have contacts with makers of bespoke furniture and other trades.

"I have dealt with Norman Hobbs for a number of years and they are equally happy discussing new technology and systems as they are discussing possible sales. It is help which has enabled me to buy confidently and why I shall continue to listen to their advice and to support them." Mr Pool
Kaledescape Product Family and Cover Art


The Kaleidescape System simplifies the way you collect, manage and enjoy movies and music. Once your personal entertainment collection is stored on the Kaleidescape System's fault-tolerant servers, you can say goodbye to DVD and CD clutter and the frustration of storing and organising your films and music.

And since your Kaleidescape System uses high speed networking to deliver your favourite films and music throughout your home, you can instantly access and enjoy them when and where it's convenient for you, your family or your guests.

The Kaleidescape Systems comprises three primary components: servers, film players and music players. They can be combined in a myriad of ways to deliver films and music seamlessly throughout your home. A must have for your home cinema system!

We are happy to arrange a home loan set for you to experience in advance.

Nevo S70

Nevo   Pronto

The Nevo & Pronto remotes have been designed for simplicity and to take the complexity out of controlling both existing entertainment devices and new technologies such as home automation, interactive home entertainment products and services and digital media.

The clever use of macro's mean that just one button press can activate your home cinema system.

These remotes have already proved a huge hit with those customers wanting to de-clutter their coffee table with all of those various remotes!

We also stock equipment by:

  • Arcam
  • BOSE
  • Naim
  • Denon
  • Loewe
  • Panasonic
  • Sony
  • Monitor Audio
  • The Chord Company
  • Totem