Case study: A Living Control multi-room audio system

Control Equipment

Control Equipment

The main control equipment is housed in a cupboard in the Utility room. A mid-atlantic pull out rack has been used to provide easy access for service. Information is processed here from wall mounted plates in each room. These in turn control an Imerge CD Server, Sky Receiver and a Pure DAB Tuner.



The Kitchen audio system uses Boston Acoustics in-ceiling speakers. A sub zone is run off the kitchen and into the dining room to allow continuity between the two rooms.

Living Control Wall Plate

Living Control Wall Plate

A chrome finish Living Control wall plate enables access to the system at the touch of a button.

Dining Room

Dining Room

The dining room shares the same zone as the kitchen and also has discreet in-ceiling speakers.

Living Room Living Room

Living Room

The Living room has a Living Control video pad. This pad has a 3" LCD display providing more detailed information than a standard control panel. Larger in-ceiling speakers have been used in this room to provide higher quality reproduction.

Home Cinema Room

Home Cinema Room

The AV room has a wall mounted Plasma screen with Sky+ HD. At the heart of this home theatre system there is a Denon Amplifier, DVD recorder and a Bose Home Theatre Speaker system. The equipment for this room is discreetly hidden, enclosed in a 2nd mid-atlantic rack. A Living Control video pad AV or a Pronto universal programmed remote can be used to control the system.

Swimming Pool Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool area has 4 x Speakercraft external speakers designed to withstand this type of environment. A sub zone is run off the pool area to provide audio for the patio areas.

Music and Play Room Music and Play Room

Music and Play Room

The music and play room, due to its annex style construction, uses Boston Acoustics in-wall speakers. These speakers are flush mounted with a grill front and ideal for this environment. Again, this system is controlled by a Living Control Wall plate.

Master Bedroom Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom has in-ceiling speakers by Boston Acoustics. At the base of the bed a TV lift cabinet is situated. The cabinet is operated by an infrared remote control. Video sources from the main control room are available. A sub zone has been taken from the master bedroom to the dressing room.

Dressing Room Dressing Room

Dressing Room

The Dressing room has a single dual tweeter Boston Acoustics in-ceiling speaker.

Garden Garden


Speakercraft environmental speakers share the sub zone with the pool area to provide audio to various outside patio areas. Living Control external plates have been used in both the pool area and patio to allow control of the system.