Multi-room systems and home automation

Multi-room systems now make it possible to have sound and vision in as many rooms as you like with the ability to choose your music and films and change the volume remotely.

Gone are the days of installing separate pieces of kit in each room or having lots of wires and equipment connecting each room to the main system. By storing your DVD's and CD's on one central device, a multi-room installation gives you control of your music, tv and films with the information being fed to and from wall mounted keypads or remote controls around the house.

Some multi-room systems also provide the client with smart home technology, enabling the user to not only control audio and visual, but also lighting, heating and security or CCTV systems for complete home automation. In addition, a multi-room installation can be completed with one of our state of the art home cinema systems for the complete audio visual experience.

With extensive experience working with audio visual systems, Norman Hobbs design multi-room systems to be discrete as well as providing exceptional audio quality. Most importantly, we ensure our multi-room systems are as user friendly as possible.

With no two installations being the same, we provide different solutions to ensure we design a multi-room audio system that suits your individual requirements.

It is also possible for different sources to be used at any one time so you can be listening to your music in one room whilst your family or guests can listen to their own choice in another room.

Norman Hobbs work with clients to design and project manage a multi-room installation with all levels of hi fi systems, audio equipment and audio visual systems.

We are enthusiasts as well as being perfectionists and through years of experience, we are selective with the products and cabling that we use. All of our systems are calibrated by our engineers using the latest installation techniques to ensure that you will get the best possible performance, every time. We have our own dedicated multi-room installation team and do not subcontract.

We can also assist you with CCTV, entry systems, network cabling, satellite and aerial systems. We also have contacts with makers of bespoke furniture and other trades.

"Norman Hobbs is a family business that combines the old fashioned care for, and courtesy to, its customers with the very latest in 21st century technology. We have used their services from a single TV in the early 1990's, to a complete multi-room system (4 rooms) in 2004 and never had occasion for complaint on any level. Yes, Marcus and the team provide a first class service." Mr & Mrs Keeton
Naim DVD5 DVD Player


Comprising of a range of high performance audio products, developed by globally respected hi-fi brand Naim Audio specifically for customer installation into multi-room environments, the NaimNet proposition is unique.

Experience true high fidelity sound throughout your home, effortlessly controlled from the NaimNet user interface. Easily access and enjoy your music, uncompressed and in perfect synchronisation as you move from room to room.

IP-connected, NaimNet will also integrate seamlessly with lighting, heating and security systems, providing you with whole home control from its intuitive interface.

Netstreams Quartet multi-room system


Netstreams is a world leader in digital entertainment networks based on Internet Protocol (IP) technology.

Netstreams' IP based and IP controlled systems handle any number of digital/analogue sources, delivering uncompressed content, including high definition audio and video to an unlimited number of rooms.

By combining content and control signals in one data stream, Netstreams' systems offer new levels of simplicity, reliability and expandability.

Living Control Remote and Pad

Living Control

Utilising the most advanced home automation technologies, Living Control allow the selection of CD, MP3, radio, tv, video and HD video content 'by name' in any room and even outside through discreet, stylish wall-mounted touch panels and keypads and the latest generation of wireless internet devices.

imerge MS1


Imerge is one of the world's premier manufacturers and developers of film and music focused entertainment servers. They make it simple for users to store their content and replay it wherever and whenever they want it, with maximum fidelity and minimum fuss.

Cambridge based Imerge is well qualified to be the leader in its field. It actually developed the world's first hard drive based audio server, the SoundServer back in the 1990's. Today, the SoundServer line is the world's No.1 selling audio server system and the technology within it a de facto standard.

In 2007, Imerge launched a multi terabyte, 1080p capable music/films multi-room server - dubbed the MS5000, which has been hailed for setting new standards in usability and reliability as well as delivering the very highest standards of audio and video performance.

In 2008, Imerge launched the state of the art 1080p capable MP1000 MediaPlayer, which when combined with the MS5000, unlocks a breathtaking range of new installation possibilities.

Kaleidescape Music Player

The Kaleidescape System

The Kaleidescape Systems simplifies the way you collect, manage and enjoy movies and music. Once your personal entertainment collection is stored on the Kaleidescape System's fault-tolerant servers, you can say goodbye to DVD and CD clutter and the frustration of storing and organising your films and music.

And since your Kaleidescape System uses high speed networking to deliver your favourite films and music throughout your home, you can instantly access and enjoy them when and where it's convenient for you, your family or your guests.

The Kaleidescape Systems comprises three primary components: servers, film players and music players. They can be combined in a myriad of ways to deliver films and music seamlessly throughout your home.

We are happy to arrange a home loan set for you to experience in advance.

BOSE LS48 silver


Bose produce a number of different LIFESTYLE® systems. Their LIFESTYLE® 48 DVD home entertainment system will digitally store and organise up to 340 hours of music in the media centre, featuring a DVD/CD player.

The ADAPTiQ® audio calibration system analyses your room and adjusts your LIFESTYLE® system's sound for great performance. Tiny, award winning JEWEL CUBE® speaker arrays and a horizontal centre channel speaker fill your room with wondrous surround sound. The VS-2 video enhancer simplifies your system's integration with other sources including those with HDMI.

And there's more, BOSE® link allows connections for compatible BOSE® products in as many as 14 additional rooms. You can enjoy two different audio sources - the radio and a DVD for instance, at the same time in different rooms. So you can have jazz in the study while the kids watch films in the living room.

Best of all, Bose's revolutionary uMusic® intelligent playback system will automatically play music to suit your mood, wherever you're listening. Your family or guests can even listen to two different uMusic® audio streams at the same time and control their music from where they're listening with a RC-38S expansion remote control.

Sonos bundle 150 multiroom audio player


Sonos enables you to control what music is playing in every room in your house, from anywhere in your house. Control of your music is not restricted to the room where you're listening - the Sonos system will work in up to 32 rooms.

Sonos net is a secure, peer-to-peer wireless mesh network that extends the range of the controller to any room in your house, even outside. It avoids sources of wireless interference by communicating with the closest Zone Player, rather than through one control point.

Sonos connects directly to Napster over the internet. With just a broadband connection, you can instantly access and enjoy over 5 million songs.

We also stock equipment by:

  • Arcam
  • Loewe
  • Speakercraft