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"The team at Norman Hobbs provided the complete service, from expert guidance on their range of products, reassuring and professional advice to help make our final choice, and the prompt installation and set-up arrangements at our home. They even let my daughter have a 5 foot cardboard bunny from their in-store display!" Mr MS


55" JU7000 7 Series Flat UHD 4K Smart 3D LED TV.

With picture quality that offers four times the detail of Full HD, the JU7000 produces stunningly bright and clearer images. Thanks to PurColour Technology, even the most vibrant colours come to life as everything shown on the screen is expressed with brighter, richer and more accurate true-to-life tones.

Appreciate the purest expression of colour. With the ability to produce more accurate and natural colours, your TV screen will open a new window to reality.

Use the latest apps to access the best UHD content on Netflix and Amazon with further providers coming soon. Instantly search for content making it faster to find the programs and movies you want while you are still watching TV.

Thanks to a powerful Quad Core processor, your Samsung Smart TV offers enhanced performance. Enjoy faster multitasking and switch between content and web browsing. Also, your notice smoother experience when interacting with your TV.

Samsung UHD Precision Black Pro backlight dimming technology precisely adjusts the images colour, contrast and detail. That means you get superior clarity. This dimming technology delivers deep, real blacks with no loss of detail, as well as pure, clean whites for the ultimate in picture clarity and contrast

Ex Display TV

Was: £1299-1199-1099

Now: £999.99



Listed below are the key features of the Panasonic TV.

UHD (4k) TV with Freeview HD Tuner and Freesat Tuner.

Curved Screen.

Smart TV with Built-In WiFi Connection.

4 x HDMI Inputs

1600Hz Bls Intelligent Frame Creation.

Supports Freeview Play.

New Firefox OS WEB Browser.

Was: £2,499.99 Was 1,899.99 Was 1,699.99 Was 1199.99

Now: £1049.99



The NAC 202 builds on our entry-level NAC 152 XS, adding star-earthed circuit boards for superior transparency and an even lower resonance circuit layout. It provides for a wide range of expansion and upgrade options, including connection to a StageLine phonostage and an AV bypass connection to an external AV amplifier.

NAC 202 Features.

Support for both DIN and RCA inputs to ease connection into a wider range of systems.

User configurable unity-gain AV input.

Powered input for use with StageLine or Prefix phono stage.

RC5 input and Smart IR system for remote control integration of Naim products.

Optional RS232 input/output for use in full home automation systems.

Can be powered from the preamp inputs of the NAP 155 XS or NAP 200 power amplifier or external power supply (see Upgrade Path).

NAC202 Technology & Craft.

The NAC 202 introduced a new level of technical and musical performance to our range of preamplifiers, along with elegant new styling.

Low-resonance circuit boards and anti-vibration, resonance controlling feet minimise the effect of microphonic vibration on the highly sensitive electronic components while carefully matched precision rotary potentiometers with precious metal wipers are used to preserve musical integrity and ensure long-term stability. The intelligent balance control combines a high quality motorised potentiometer for the best performance with intelligent circuitry to indicate the centre position.

The NAC 202 also features a silent microprocessor that sleeps during listening and controls all aspects of the amplifier including: protection circuits that continuously monitor the power supplies ensuring safe shut down in the event of a power cut user-configurable RC5 input and Smart IR system for remote control integration of Naim products

EX Display Unit

Was: £1970.00

Now: £1675.00



The ND5 XS is our introduction to network music streaming, but still benefits from classic Naim audio engineering principles and fastidious attention to detail in every aspect of its layout and design.

It also loses none of the flexibility or functionality of its illustrious siblings. High-resolution UPnP network streaming, Spotify Connect built-in, USB/iPod playback, access to thousands of internet radio stations, DAB/FM radio, digital inputs for external sources, multiroom streaming and a bespoke iOS and Android control app will get you listening to more music than ever before.

ND5XS Features.

UPnP-enabled to allow streaming of audio files at up to 24bit/192kHz resolution from Naim hard disk servers, network-attached storage (NAS) devices or any home computer.

Supports a broad range of music formats: WAV, FLAC, DSD (single rate), Apple Lossless, AIFF, AAC, Windows Media-formatted files, Ogg Vorbis and MP3. Gapless playback on all lossless file formats and on most compressed music.

Three 24bit/192kHz capable digital inputs (S/PDIF) to support optimum connection to external sources.

Spotify Connect built-in to stream millions of songs from the world?s most popular streaming service.

Front-panel USB port for replay of MP3 player/iPod and USB-stored audio.

vTuner 5* full-service internet radio.

Optional DAB+/DAB/FM radio module.

Multiroom & Party Mode compatible

iOS and Android Naim app for intuitive control.

ND5XS Technology & Craft

Like the NDX, the ND5 XS is one of the most technically advanced and accomplished of all Naim products. The use of numerous innovative techniques for electronic signal processing and isolation ensure that each digital audio data stream is delivered to the ND5 XS outputs with maximum fidelity. The ND5 XS uses the same RAM buffer and master-clock jitter removal technique of the Naim DAC and all the oversampling, filtering and signal management techniques that have brought Naim to the forefront of digital music in the home.

And the result of all this extraordinary technology is extraordinary music reproduction. Connect an ND5 XS to your existing audio system and the world of high resolution audio downloads, UPnP streaming, and the vast resource of internet radio are yours for the listening. And it's a world where music from any source will live, breath and satisfy - completely.

EX Display Unit

Was: £2060.00

Now: £1750.00



It may be small, but the HiCap?s talent for maximising your system?s musicality should not be underestimated. A compact power supply partner for almost all of our preamplifiers plus our phono stages and active crossover components, its large toroidal transformer and generous, high-quality smoothing capacitors ensure excellent performance and value. NAC 282 preamplifier owners can enjoy even better performance by adding an additional, second HiCap to their system.

HICAP Features.

Two 24V power outputs.

Bead-blasted, black-anodised aluminium chassis plus anti-vibration, resonance controlling feet.

HICAP Technology & Craft.

Each of the power outputs on the HiCap use Naim's specially designed discrete regulators for optimum performance. The design can be used to power all of the Naim phono stage preamplifier, active crossovers and preamplifiers except the NAC 552 and NAC 252. In the case of the NAC 282 preamplifier a second HiCap may be used, bringing further improvements. The addition of anti-vibration, resonance-controlling feet complements the elegant new cast and extruded anti-magnetic chassis to protect the sensitive internal components from resonance and microphonic vibration.

EX Display Unit

Was: £1150.00

Now: £950.00