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Panasonic flagship Master HDR OLED Professional Edition TV has a unique, custom-made display panel with award-winning predecessors. HDR including Dolby Vision IQ ensures accurate scene-by-scene optimisation, and Filmmaker Mode means movies look just as the original director intended. Thrilling Dolby Atmos sound is spatial and immersive to complete the cinematic experience, with dedicated upward-firing speakers for surround sound, enhanced by 360 Soundscape Pro. The HZ2000's customisable Smart Platform brings you a wealth of online apps, including streaming services Netflix and Amazon Prime Video*, and it works with compatible voice assistant smart devices.

OLED Screen

The Organic LED display doesn't have a backlight, meaning that each pixel is self-illuminating. Every speck of light controls its own luminescence for true depth and colour gradation. You experience blacker blacks, whiter whites, and a more lustrous display. With 8 million of these pixels, Panasonic's OLED screen delivers outstanding clarity of colour, contrast and brightness, within a blur-free image that looks just as stunning from any angle.

HDR with Dolby Vision and HDR10+

High Dynamic Range deepens your view and shows shades previously unseen in home entertainment. Expanding light, dark and every colour in between to extraordinary new levels, this model's picture gets closer to real life. Panasonic panel supports multiple HDR formats including Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and HLG so you'll always get the full HDR treatment.

4K Ultra High Definition

This screen has four times the number of pixels than 1080p Full HD TVs, delivering stunning realism, natural motion and incredible detail.

Master HDR OLED Professional Edition: a unique, custom-built display creating more impact and dynamic range, with an estimated increase of 20% average brightness compared to other OLEDs. It delivers an experience as close as possible to the thrill of Hollywood cinema.

Filmmaker Mode: delivers a cinematic experience as intended by the film?s original director. It overrides the TVs processing such as motion and detail smoothing to bring you the correct aspect ratio, frame rate, and colour, as per the creators vision.

Intelligent Sensing: Panasonic add Intelligent Sensing to Filmmaker mode, so that the picture reacts to changes in light, automatically giving you the most cinematic picture possible, whether your watching in a brighter or darker room.

Dolby Vision IQ: makes shows and movies look great in any room, at any time of the day, by intelligently adjusting picture quality regardless of the ambient light or type of content.

HCX PRO Intelligent Processor: Panasonic advanced processor ensures stunning picture accuracy. Tuned by a Hollywood colourist, it ensures contrast and colour authentic to real life, doing true justice to the film-makers? vision. It displays superior colour, tone accuracy and brightness levels on a custom-designed panel.

Dolby Atmos Sound: get more immersed in your entertainment audio with the cinematic, three-dimensional sound placement of Dolby Atmos.

Upward-firing speakers: dedicated up-firing ATMOS speakers mean the viewer is surrounded by sound, even from above. As well as mid-range, tweeter, double woofer, and centre speakers, you hear every detail in premium audio.

360 Soundscape Pro: tuned by Technics, with 140W of power, this high-fidelity audio system offers a truly immersive sound experience, maximising 3D Dolby ATMOS effects.

Netflix Recommended TV with Netflix Calibrated Mode: this Panasonic OLED TV does not just have the Netflix App, it is recommended by Netflix as offering the latest streaming experience, including a dedicated picture mode so you can experience shows how the creators at Netflix intended.

Intuitive Smart Platform

my Home Screen 5.0 provides quick and intuitive access to the content you want, with a huge variety of apps on a customisable home screen. Regular updates keep it up-to-date with the latest technology and content developments. And you get fast and easy access to the key apps such as Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video who offer streaming services in 4K, as well as many more services including BritBox and Rakuten.*

Works with your Smart Assistant

This Panasonic TV works with both Google Assistant and Alexa devices, so you can change channel, adjust volume, and more, with just your voice, using compatible smart speakers and devices.

Freeview Play

Freeview Play combines catch-up TV, on-demand services and live television, so watching what you want, when you want, is now easier than ever. It is free from subscription and is compatible with existing broadband services too. Services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and My5 are also available without having to open specific applications. This gives effortless scroll back so you never miss a second of your favourite shows

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Looking for new levels of entertainment from a streamlined package. The OLED65GX6LA is the most revolutionary wall-mountable television available, delivering premium pictures for your movies and reality shows in a stylish design.

SELF-LIT LG OLED: the most innovative technology in TV

Ultimate 4K Ultra HD picture quality enhanced by the LG a9 Gen 3 processor

Dolby Atmos giving immersive three-dimensional sound

Ultra slim gallery design with wall-mount included (a TV stand is not included)

Award-winning smart platform: LG webOS

Perfect viewing angle.

Condition: New Boxed

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Bose Virtually Invisible 300

Bose Virtually Invisible 300

The Bose Virturally Invisiable 300 speakers adds full surround sound to your Bose SoundTouch 300 sound bar. Placing you at the heart of the action, these unobtrusive rear surround speakers add an extra dimension to your favourite films and tv shows. Simple wireless connection with the SoundTouch 300 sound bar means you will be enjoying super spacious sound straight out of the box.

When it comes to rear surround speakers, the only thing you want to stand out is the sound. Standing less than ten centimetres tall, Virtually Invisible 300 wireless surround speakers are designed to blend into your room. Its simple to connect them to the SoundTouch 300 sound bar, and with a wireless range of 9 metres, they fit seamlessly into your living room.

These speakers connect wirelessly to the Bose SoundTouch 300 sound bar, but still require a wired connection to mains power.

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Naim NAC202

Naim NAC202

The NAC 202 builds on our entry-level NAC 152 XS, adding star-earthed circuit boards for superior transparency and an even lower resonance circuit layout. It provides for a wide range of expansion and upgrade options, including connection to a StageLine phonostage and an AV bypass connection to an external AV amplifier.

NAC 202 Features.

Support for both DIN and RCA inputs to ease connection into a wider range of systems.

User configurable unity-gain AV input.

Powered input for use with StageLine or Prefix phono stage.

RC5 input and Smart IR system for remote control integration of Naim products.

Optional RS232 input/output for use in full home automation systems.

Can be powered from the preamp inputs of the NAP 155 XS or NAP 200 power amplifier or external power supply (see Upgrade Path).

NAC202 Technology & Craft.

The NAC 202 introduced a new level of technical and musical performance to our range of preamplifiers, along with elegant new styling.

Low-resonance circuit boards and anti-vibration, resonance controlling feet minimise the effect of microphonic vibration on the highly sensitive electronic components while carefully matched precision rotary potentiometers with precious metal wipers are used to preserve musical integrity and ensure long-term stability. The intelligent balance control combines a high quality motorised potentiometer for the best performance with intelligent circuitry to indicate the centre position.

The NAC 202 also features a silent microprocessor that sleeps during listening and controls all aspects of the amplifier including: protection circuits that continuously monitor the power supplies ensuring safe shut down in the event of a power cut user-configurable RC5 input and Smart IR system for remote control integration of Naim products

EX Display Unit

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