Vision and Projection

Norman Hobbs hold years of experience working with av equipment and as such, we really know our stuff when it comes to helping our clients to choose the best audio visual systems for their needs.

With technology moving at an incredibly fast pace over recent years, some audio visual manufacturers have responded well and there are a number of screens producing a truly amazing picture quality, with the help from high definition of course.

We are selective with the manufacturers that we choose to work with to ensure that our customers will receive the best picture quality possible from their av equipment.

Whether you choose a plasma screen, an LCD screen or projection audio visual system, we have found that it is very much a personal choice. Plasma screens provide a sharp and clear picture and are softer on the eye. LCD screens have a sharp, clear picture and provide a brightness that some may prefer. Projectors are usually used in home cinema systems and the home theatre environment.

Most flat screens can be wall mounted on either static or pull out swivel brackets. We stock a variety of different brackets or can arrange for a custom built bracket if required.

We can supply a range of quality av equipment from a range of audio visual manufacturers such as Loewe, Panasonic, Pioneer and Sony and also offer a custom av installations service to ensure you get the most out of your equipment.

Our audio visual experience comes into its own when working with clients to develop multi room systems and smart home technology that enables the user to not only control audio and visual, but also lighting, heating and security or CCTV systems for complete home automation.


Aquavision televisions are a popular choice for bathrooms, spas, saunas, swimming pool and garden environments.

The units feature heated screen areas to prevent the front misting up in humid conditions or even freezing in cold conditions. All the TV's in the range come with a floating remote control and can also be controlled by a waterproof RTI programmable remote.


Projectors deliver some of the highest quality images available as well as one of the largest.

You can project an image onto a wall or a separate screen but because there is no glass involved, you will receive the perfect picture every time as a result of no reflection or glare from the screen.

Although you can project straight onto a wall, the wall needs to be perfectly smooth with absolutely no blemishes. To receive a smoother, more consistent image, the best result is from a screen. Projector screens are available in a variety of sizes and may be free standing, wall mounted or retractable at the touch of a button, perfect for the home theatre experience.

"I am absolutely delighted with the Loewe TV purchased from Norman Hobbs. Not only is this the best television I have ever purchased, the level of service received from Norman Hobbs was excellent. I will definitely be back!" Mr Smith

We stock equipment by:

  • Loewe
  • Panasonic
  • Pioneer
  • Sony
  • Sim2 Multimedia